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(July 25, 2005)

Obama cohorts shut down Illinois state parks

Oct 05, 2008 by DaveC

Went for a ride on the [url=]Hennepin Canal State Parkway[/url] today. This 100 mile trail and park is slated to close November 1st, by the decision of IL Gov Rod Blagojevich, along with 10 other state parks and 25 historical sites.

The Illinois House of Representatives voted to extend funding, but that is likely to be [url=]quashed by the IL State Senate.[/url] 

[quote]That’s what the Illinois Environmental Council and other groups want, though they concede the odds are against them. The state Senate would have to agree to restore funding, and [b]Senate President Emil Jones — Blagojevich’s primary ally — [/b]says he won’t consider the idea.[/quote]

Emil Jones is Obama's [url=]"political godfather".[/url]  Funny thing is while laying off Illinois Department of Natural Resource workers for the last five years,  [url=]the state legislators received an 11% payraise last year and were set to get a 10 - 12% pay raise this year,[/url] if only they could [b]prevent a vote[/b] on the matter. It ended up that there was a forced vote and our politicians had to make do with a 3.8% raise instead.

But who cares about the DNR? [url=]It is only for bitter people clinging to their guns, their bike trails, their equestrian trails, their fish hatcheries, etc., right?[/url] Fishing and hunting licenses, and other fees are used to pay for much of the DNR's expenses. Plus in Illinois, you can elect to forgo part of your tax refund and contribute that to the DNR, which I have a few times, and it is likely that many other people have done that as well. That money has been diverted to other uses, such as lining politicians' pockets.



Oct 05, 2008, 20:32:47 libjpn wrote:

Weeeellll, the closing date has been pushed back to [url=]Nov 30th[/url]. Being responsible, I know you will update the post and then get off your ass to do something instead of trying to make some link between Emil Jones and Obama, who one might certainly think has other things on his mind.

Oct 06, 2008, 06:14:53 russell wrote:

Clearly, Obama is behind it all. He wants to seize the land to build himself more mansions.

No way that McCain can have more houses than Obama!! It will not stand!!

Thanks -

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