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(July 25, 2005)


Oct 16, 2012 by Ugh
Gitmo - the gift that keeps on giving: A U.S. military judge is considering broad security rules for the war crimes tribunal of five Guantanamo prisoners charged in the Sept. 11 attacks, including measures to prevent the accused from publicly revealing what happened to them in the CIA's secret network of overseas prisons. Because what a miscarriage of justice that would be if the defendants could testify as to what happened to them. What else do we find in this CBS News report by.... well, it doesn't say who wrote it, other than the AP contributed. Same point stated differently: The protective order requires the court to use a 40-second delay during court proceedings so that spectators, who watch behind sound-proof glass, can be prevented from hearing from officials, lawyers or the defendants themselves the still-classified details of the CIA's rendition and detention program. (emphasis supplied) I don't recall the defendants having signed up for the US classification protocols, the thin reed upon which the 1st Amendment is suspended for people like CIA employees sent to prison for talking about what they know. The article quotes various attorneys for the defendants and media organizations, stating essentially that the order would bar the defendants from testifying that the CIA tortured them because, well, that the CIA tortured them is classified. And the newspeak from the gov't attorneys in the matter is maddening, to wit: "Each of the accused is in the unique position of having had access to classified intelligence sources and methods," the prosecution says in court papers. "The government, like the defense, must protect that classified information from disclosure." The accused have "access to classified intelligence sources and methods" because they were fncking tortured! And rendered to various secret prisons across the globe. Moving on: Army Brig. Gen. Mark Martins, the chief prosecutor for the military commissions, said Sunday that the security precautions are necessary to prevent the release information that could harm U.S. intelligence operations or personnel around the world, and not to prevent embarrassing the government or to cover-up wrongdoing. Uh, I don't believe you and, even if true, too damn bad. Y'all should have thought of this earlier, reap what you sow. And while I grieve for the following folks, this too is a terrible precedent (emphasis supplied once again): The families of people killed in the Sept. 11 attacks have been invited to military installations in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland and New York City to watch the pretrial hearings, which are closed to the general public. Apparently there's nothing the general public would like to see in these hearings. We've gone off the rails and I don't see us gettin' back on anytime soon, if ever.


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