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(July 25, 2005)

The Cowards at the National Rifle Association

Dec 19, 2012 by Ugh
I flag this article on After Bob Costas used his halftime remarks on NBC's Sunday Night Football a few weeks ago to advocate for more gun control after a member of the Kansas City Chiefs shot the mother of his three month old child, then drove to the Chiefs' facility and shot himself, the NRA was swift to react less than 24 hours later, noting that Costas "offended millions of law-abiding gun-owning football fans w his gun-ban rant & owes us an apology"* and that the NRA was "going to stand and fight." (you can see Costas' remarks here along with some rather interesting twitter responses) After Newtown? Nothing from the NRA. As you'll see from the CNN article, the NRA also went silent after the shootings at a movie theater earlier this year, but they didn't go away. Don't expect them to this time. And, if you can't defend your principles in the face of adversity (for lack of a better word) NRA, WTF good are you? *"owes us an apology"?!!? Fncking really NRA?


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